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In 2019, the Duchess placed 12th at Polytechnique Montréal.

Behold the Duchess, a concrete canoe: artistry and strength intertwined, defying norms. She whispers tales of innovation, urging to conquer the unknown. Creativity and tenacity unite, defying limits in this vessel of extraordinary fusion. 

A memoire for the Duchess:


In 2018, Poseidon competed at Waterloo University.

A memoire for Poseidon:

In the realm where Queen's Engineers walk, there dwelled a wonderous vessel called Poseidon. With each stroke, she danced upon waves, defying limits. Tales of triumph and adventure adorned her, as she carried dreams and embraced her watery destiny. 

River Oak

In 2017, River Oak competed at Laval University.

In the tranquil embrace of nature's tapestry, nestled by a meandering river, stood the beloved vessel named River Oak. A concrete canoe with a heart as warm as a cozy cottage, she embodied the spirit of rustic charm and timeless elegance

A memoire for River Oak:


In 2016, Cleopatra competed at McGill University.

In the realm of ancient wonders, where history and legend entwine, floated Cleopatra, a concrete canoe with a regal presence. She bore the name of a queen, embodying the allure and grace that echoed through the sands of time. 

A memoire for Cleopatra:


In 2015, Leviathan Competed at  University of Toronto

From the abyssal depths arose Leviathan, a concrete canoe of chilling might. Like a mythical sea monster, she prowled the tumultuous seas, striking fear into the hearts of all who crossed her path. With each ominous journey, she unleashed the secrets of the dark abyss

A memoire for Leviathan:

Danger Zone

In 2014, Danger Zone competed at Université de Sherbrooke

A memoire for Danger zone:

"Danger Zone, a formidable concrete canoe, reigned with a dangerous allure. With each pulse-racing journey, a trail of awe and exhilaration was left. Danger and excitement converged, beckoning only the boldest souls to join her treacherous voyage.

These memoires capture a snapshot of each concrete canoes existence

In the creation of one concrete canoe, the last one must perish.

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